Friday, September 24, 2010

Last Checkup in Alaska

Ben had an MRI this morning. We are grateful for all of the help. The kids went over to Hoen's this morning at 6am and not only got help getting ready for a regular day of school, but for "Crazy-Hiar-Day". Even Nathan came away with his hair painted orange and has been running around claiming to be the Human Torch (of Fantastic 4 fame) all day long.

Cari, Addison, Ben and I headed to the hospital. We have felt extremely blessed over the past year as scan after scan has come back clear but there is always some trepidation as we go in wondering if this might be the time. We are extremely grateful to all of the nurses and doctors at Providence. They have been fantastic to work with. Again today the scan came back clear!!

We head out Monday for Cedar City, UT to begin the next chapter of this adventure. We are all so grateful to friends and family who have been so generous along the way while we have been here in Anchorage. We feel truly blessed. Thank you for all you have done for our family!!