Sunday, February 21, 2010

St. Baldricks

What does Benjamin Allred plus a pair of hair clippers plus St. Baldrick’s children’s cancer research fundraiser equal . . . John with no hair!

One year ago today Benjamin was diagnosed with ATRT brain cancer. We are extremely grateful for the incredible support and the prayers on behalf of our family over this past year.

On March 6 Ben and I will be participating in the St. Baldricks Foundation fundraiser held at McGinley’s Pub here in Anchorage. We are gathering pledges from folks who would like to see me lose my hair to benefit children’s cancer research.

If you too would like to see me lose my hair for a cause you can go online to, click on “Donate” and search for my name (John Allred) as the participant to support. Thank you again for all you have done for our family this past year. This is a year with Ben we would not have been able to have without your kind and generous assistance!