Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bday pictures

Little Green Men Cupcakes
Sticky Hands (prizes)
We are a happy family!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to me . . .

We have been remiss on keeping the blog up to date. What better time to correct this than on Ben's birthday. We had an MRI early on in July and when we heard back from his Seattle team, they not only said that things had not progressed, but might even be shrinking. We are still not sure what it is that we are looking at on the scans; another type of cancer, scarring, who knows, but it does not act like the ATRT cancer we have been battling. When they read the scans they said it even looks like some of the edges are getting better. We will take that news any day!!!

Ben had a great birthday. Despite what he told everyone who asked, he is not four, only three years old. When we told a friend sitting next to us in Sunday School that it was Ben's birthday she commented, oh, is he five or so? We said no, only three. Her comment hit spot on - wow, he has experienced a lot in three years.

Ben had a Toy Story birthday. He got Woody, Bullseye, Buzz, and Jesse. I don't know which sibbling put more miles on the gifts. Sunday afternoon the kids all got their squirt guns and headed out in the backyard. Dad had set up some pictures of Zurg on milk jugs. They were all taken out quickly, reset, taken out again, reset, etc., etc. As you can imagine, dad quickly became the target for guns and wet soaker balls. The kids, however, did not think it fair when he got even. All of the kids played games they made up around a Toy Story theme -- instead of duck, duck, goose they played Buzz, Buzz, Woody. There was also another game along the lines of hide-and-seek that tied in the characters somehow, but I did not even begin to understand all the rules. Later in the afternoon they all watched both Toy Story and Toy Story 2, and had little green men cupcakes with ice cream.

For a day that we wondered many times if we would see, an outstanding birthday.